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      Yuncheng Tianhua Chemical Co., Ltd
      Zinc nitrate
      Magnesium nitrate
      Potassium carbonate
      Potassium bicarbonate


      1、Large amount of element water soluble fertilizer

      [Product name] : Large amount of element water soluble fertilizer  

      [Product specifications]:
      Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N)    12.7%
      Potassium of K2O               43.3%
      Magnesium Mg                    1%
      Sulfur (S)                             1.3%

      [Product usage]:
      This product is a white crystal powder, which is made from industrial grade high-purity, water-soluble magnesium sulfate and potassium nitrate.Contain more than 12.7% nitrate nitrogen, non-toxic, harmless, no side effects do not harm crops;Nitrogenous nitrogen and nitro-potassium have a good synergistic effect, and promote the synergistic absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc.Magnesium and sulfur can promote photosynthesis, improve product quality and prolong transportation, especially suitable for fruits and vegetables.
      Drip irrigation dosage: 45-75 kg/time • hectare, about once every 7 days;
      Foliar fertilizer dosage: 75-150 kg/time • hectare, about once every 7 days;
      Water can also be diluted 300-500 times spraying, about once every 7 days, according to the growth of crops fertilizer spraying for many times;
      Can be mixed with a variety of pesticides, but not with copper preparation, sulfur preparation, oil emulsion or strong alkaline pesticides.
      [Packing specifications]:
       Packing: 25/50kg bag packing with inner plastic and outer woven bags

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