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      Yuncheng Tianhua Chemical Co., Ltd
      Zinc nitrate
      Magnesium nitrate
      Potassium carbonate
      Potassium bicarbonate


      4、Potassium chloride:

      [Product name] :    Potassium chloride

      [Molecular formula] : KCl

      [Molecular weight]:   74.5513

      [CAS code]:         7447-40-7

      [Product specifications]:
      Density:             1.98 the at 25 ℃ (lit.)
      Melting point:         770 ℃ (lit.)
      Boiling point:         1420 ℃
      Flash:               1500 ℃
      Refractive index:      n20/D 1.334
      Water solubility:       340 g/L (20 DCS)
      Stability: stability:   It's incompatible with a strong oxidizer, a strong acid.Moisture proof.Moisture absorption.
      Storage conditions:    2-8℃
      The content of potassium oxide        ≥55%
      Water content                       ≤6%
      The content of calcium and magnesium ≤1.2%
      Sodium chloride content              ≤4%

      [product use]:
      Mainly used in the inorganic industry, it is the basic raw material for the manufacture of various potassium salts or bases, such as potassium hydroxide, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, potassium alum and so on.The pharmaceutical industry is used as a diuretic and a preventive medicine against potassium deficiency.The dyestuff industry is used to produce G salt, reactive dyes, etc.  In agriculture it is a potash fertilizer

      It is also used in the manufacture of muzzle and muzzle flame retardants, steel heat treating agents, and in photography.It can also be used in medicine, scientific applications, food processing, and salt. Sodium chloride can be partially replaced by potassium chloride in order to reduce the possibility of hypertension.

      [Packing specification]:
      Packing: 25/50kg bag packing with inner plastic and outer woven bags

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